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EastsideMotoSports is not your traditional motorcycle shop. We are a group of active enthusiasts dedicated to performance and customer care. We carry a broad line of Yamaha, Ducati & Suzuki motorcycles & ATV’s; as well as our large selection of parts & accessories! Come into the shop and check out seasonal sales and motorcycles priced to move! Our award-winning service department is second to none and is dedicated to customer satisfaction. We are also dedicated to the community and support the efforts of Children’s Hospital in their mission to provide the best care possible to all children.

Caring For Your New ATV

  1. Belts

Belt driven machines are more typical today than in years past. The belt that puts the power from the engine to the transmission needs to remain dry and cool. In the event that you ride in profound water and the transmission slips, make certain to first expel the machine from the water and after that deplete the CVT box. Most more up to date belt drives have depletes on the base back of the CVT box. A wet belt slips and will consume wear spots on the sides of the belt. This will, in the end, prompt belt disappointment.

2. Air Filters

The air channel on your machine is the breathing delta for the engine. On the off chance that the air channel gets stopped up, the measure of air is diminished and the machine will run rich. This implies more fuel than air is entering the motor and you stand a possibility of fouling the start plug. The fixing surface of your air channel is liable to spilling, and ensuring the channel is legitimately situated in the lodging is basic to clean air entering the motor. Indeed, even fine clean can wear on the motor’s internals and will in the long run slaughter your speculation.


3. Hub Boots

CV hub boots are liable to numerous deterrents along the trail. These boots ensure the consistent speed joints for the front and back axles on free suspension machines. In the event that these boots get torn, you will, in the end, demolish the joint. Mud, water, and trail waste will discover their way into the joint and granulate it to pieces. Continuously watch out for the axles and boots to anticipate startling harm.